New Patient Special

We are currently accepting New Patients 🙂

**For Insured Patients**

Based on your insurance coverage, in most cases, patients first visit is FREE or is NO out of pocket cost to the patient. What is normally covered are x-rays, exams, consultations and cleanings (unless your cleaning is other than a prophy – basic cleaning). Your first initial appointment will be billed to your insurance for payment. Deductible may apply.

**For Non-Insured Patients**

$69 New Patient Special is for x-rays, exam, & consultation by dentist and hygienist. Cleaning needed and cost will be determined and presented to you after the hygienist has finished their exam. Simple cleaning regular price is $95.00, but $76.00 after the $19.00 discount we give to first time patients.


**Special pricing only available to cases with NO Periodontal-gum disease**

**Terms and Conditions subject to change**