Our Team


My entry into the field of dentistry was actually the result of a meeting at a basketball game where the wife of a Howell dentist introduced me to her spouse and announced that he should interview me! As a new mom I was just considering some part time options and that chance encounter was to begin a working relationship that spanned over 20 years.
Patient advocacy has been a passion and a challenge that has always lined up with my overall enjoyment of people. Building personal relationships, working through treatment concerns and creating financial plans has inspired my desire to grow in all of those skills as much as I can. Becoming a part of The Dental Spa has added more for in furthering my education and use of these tools than any career or office that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. Other than loving the environment of our spa like office, our patients are top-notch, our training is continuous and Dr. Sasaki’s desire for his team to succeed in their goals is always so gratifying. This all just adds to a life that is fulfilled with family, friends, gardening and all things outdoors!